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I Nourish families by collaborating and listening to their needs

I Align families with a personalized prenatal care plan.


I provide guidance on how to:

~ Comfortably FEED your baby at the breast

~ Reduce CRYING

~ Enhance SLEEP

~ Increase baby’s IMMUNITY

~ Foster baby’s INDEPENDENCE

~ Nurture baby’s INTELLIGENCE

~ CONNECT with the use of a baby carrier 


Private prenatal consultations can be one-on-one or include the father, partner, wife, grandparents, nanny, or anyone you want to add into your personal prenatal class.  A private in-home or virtual consult can be a valuable option for birth parents on bed rest.


My intention is to share the  foundations of Milk with an understanding of the normal newborn, and a Circle of Support including local peers and professionals BEFORE the baby arrives. With this knowledge, I have witnessed parents step into parenthood trusting their bodies, their babies, and their Milk.  I help parents discover their innate instincts and wisdom so they enter their unique Milk relationship secure, confident, supported, and connected to their baby.


I will prepare you to:

Recognize what is biologically normal

Create a local, personal and professional support community

Feel comfortable initiating Kangaroo care

Understand the basics of Babywearing


We can incorporate topics such as:

How to initiate your Milk relationship

The impact of birth and postpartum procedures on Milk

Laid back nursing and latch

The normal newborn

Kangaroo care and skin to skin

Babywearing basics

Shared sleep

Instinct vs instruction


My services include:

*  Providing a prenatal personal questionnaire

*  One 2 hour private prenatal consultation in the comfort of your home $225

Personalize an a la carte service: contact me for details

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