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Infant +
Child CST

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive bodywork that uses light touch to help the body release soft tissue restrictions while working to calm and regulate the central nervous system.


Parents report CST benefits in children include better sleep and digestion, more ease in their bodies, and optimal outcomes after a tongue tie release. 


feeding challenges


digestive issues

tongue and lip ties


upset in the car seat

difficulty in tummy time

plagiocephaly (flat head )

turning head to one side

distended abdomen/gas


Sensory Processing Disorder

emotional difficulties

chronic ear infections 

speech delays


orthodontic appliances


Results will vary for each baby, child and family. Some families report relief from some symptoms after one session, but may take 2-3 sessions to see best results. Benefits for babies may include more ease and comfort nursing for parent and baby, or less dribbling at the bottle. Parents have shared their child feels more relaxed in their arms, or enjoyed tummy time on the floor. Some benefits parents have reported after CST for children are better sleep, more comfort in their bodies, eating or speaking easier, and optimal outcomes after a tongue tie release. 
These case studies can provide further insight on results others have experienced.

"What we do is take away obstacles, like removing stones from the road."
- Dr. John E. Upledger

Why Should My Baby Receive CST?

An infant's irregular position in utero can result in abnormal muscle tension and compression in the body. During the birth process an infant’s cranial bones shift to fit through the birth canal. If there is a particularly difficult birth, complications, injuries, or interventions used, this can cause nerve compression. This compression can show up in many ways such as feeding issues, digestive discomfort, and increased fussiness. CST is an excellent, gentle therapy for babies who are experiencing those symptoms, or as regular health care for your newborn.

Why Should My Child Receive CST?

CST calms and regulates the central nervous system. Injuries, trauma, or illnesses can cause body tissues to tighten and alter the craniosacral system. Restrictions are a result from these alterations that cause tension to form around the brain and spinal cord. This compression can show up and be expressed as withdrawal,unfocused and disruptive behavior. Children do not always know how to communicate what they feel internally. CST is an excellent, gentle therapy for children who are experiencing those reactions, or as regular health care.

What is the TummyTime! Method™

I equip each family with the steps of the TTM to optimize movement, posture, strength and bonding during their CST session. These are exercises families can do together at home to optimize feeding, and improve movement. All pediatricians recommend tummy time for their patients as a companion to the Back to Sleep campaign. This counters the time babies spend on their backs sleeping, and is intentional time set aside on their tummy for optimal health and development. TummyTime! Method™ was created to help babies and caregivers enjoy and have fun during tummy time. TummyTime!™ is a trademarked program created by Michelle Emanuel, a Neonatal/Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a special focus on posture, movement, and connection between parents and baby. Please see for more information.

How Do You Provide CST

For infants and children, CranioSacral Therapy is performed fully clothed. They can receive treatment in the arms of the caregiver, in my arms, on a massage table, or on a mat on the floor. If they are mobile, I will ask the caregiver to bring with them a favorite toy or snack to help entertain them, and I have baby toys, fidget toys, and books.

How long is a CST Session?

I schedule initial consultations with an infant for 70 minutes. I use this time to conduct an interview with the parents, allowing for time to meet the child’s needs with feeding, soothing, and the treatment. Follow up sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. I schedule initial consultations for children over 1 years old for 45 minutes. We will go over how the child is feeling that day and the parent's treatment goals. I will use the time to establish a relationship with the child and treatments can vary in duration depending on the child. The good news is children release quickly. Follow up sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. I work with the body and follow how long to treat certain areas of the body with the feedback I feel in my hands.

Can I book a session for multiple children in one visit?

Yes! Sibling sessions are available for siblings that a parent feels would be comfortable receiving care as a duo. Twins are welcome and allotted time for bodywork for both babies.

Can I book a session for myself and my child(ren)?

Yes! Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of bodywork that is ideal for parents to receive along with their new baby or older child together. This aids in the release of tension, creates connection, and combines healing.

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