I Nourish families by respecting they are the expert of their child.

I Align families by connecting them comfortably & confidently with their child in a baby carrier.

Although commercial baby carriers and skin-to-skin devices include instructions, I have found it does not replace to one-on-one, hands on assistance. I provide personalized assistance for families to meet their Babywearing or skin-to-skin needs.


My services include:

*  Basic skin-to-skin education and device overview and selection

*  Trouble shooting with existing carriers

*  An overview of the carriers of your choice:

Ring Sling

Woven Wrap

Meh Dai

Stretchy Wrap

Soft Structured Carrier

*  Babywearing safety

*  Step-by-step hands on instruction for the carrier of your choice

*  Functional Babywearing and TummyTime! Method basics

All services can be personalized and tailored to suit your needs. Please contact me to determine what is best to meet your babywearing and skin to skin goals.

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2 Hour* Personalized Consultation

Hands on instruction for families to meet their babywearing or skin to skin needs. Personalized for your family/child please contact me to determine length of consultation needed. I travel to your home  and bring a collection of teaching carriers and demo dolls. Travel fee may apply based on location.

*Length varies based on needs.


Virtual Consultations

Consultations range from providing a fit check, demonstrating a specific carry, and giving feedback as the caregiver mirrors me. Virtual consultations are perfect for those of you who are not close to Baltimore, who do not want to come out to a class, or not ready for visitors in your home. 

Personalized to suit your needs.

Length varies based on needs.

Mini Consultation @ Indigo

*Want me to fit check your current carrier?

*Pregnant? Want to be prepared how to wear your newborn in your carrier before the birth of your baby?

*Want to try on a specific brand of carrier before purchasing one?

*Curious if your child is big enough for a Toddler carrier?

Offered quarterly at Indigo Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell carriers?

I do not sell or promote any particular style or brand of carrier. I want to give you an unbiased broad approach to Babywearing and meet you needs without selling you something. I can assist you in finding the right retail store to purchase the skin-to-skin device or carrier of your choice.

Do you have carriers or devices I can try on?

I maintain a teaching collection of carriers and skin-to-skin devices that you can try at consultations. I also recommend Patuxent Babywearing group for free informational meetings

Can you help me with babywearing before the baby arrives?

Absolutely, I have weighted dolls we can use to learn how to use a skin-to-skin device or baby carrier.

Is there a fee for you to travel to my home?

Outside of a 20 mile radius from me there is a 50 cent charge per mile. Contact me for distance.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, a 10% discount for any military or first responders.

How much does a consultation cost?

An in-home 90 minute consultation is $115. A virtual 30 minute consultation is $35, and a virtual 60 minute consultation is $65.