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What is the TummmyTime!™ Method?

All pediatricians recommend tummy time for their patients as a companion to the Back to Sleep campaign. This counters the time babies spend on their backs sleeping, and is intentional time set aside on their tummy for optimal health and development. TummyTime! Method was created to help babies and caregivers enjoy and have fun during tummy time. TummyTime!™ is a trademarked program created by Michelle Emanuel, a Neonatal/Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a special focus on posture, movement, and connection between parents and baby. Please see for more information.

Why should parents take TummyTime!™ Method class?

Does your baby have trouble latching? Does he prefer to nurse on one side? Does she have trouble turning her head from side-to-side? Does baby cry or fuss during tummy time or arch his back often? TummyTime!™ Method can address all of these. A new technique is introduced in each class. These classes are also for grandparents, foster parents and adoptive parents, as well!

What are the benefits for babies who participate in tummy time?

  • Decreases reflux
  • Helps correct head shape
  • Improves head control
  • Babies are happier and more engaged during tummy time
  • Prepares babies for sitting and crawling
  • Strengthens tongue, jaw, and neck for optimal latching and feeding
  • Promotes visual motor skills
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Creates a social and emotional connection with the caregiver

What is infant massage?

Touch empowers compassion, security, and trust. The earlier we can provide a continuous positive touch to an infant, the earlier the attachment creates a long line of constructive effects in the relationship between an infant and those that are caregiving. Infant massage can improve and support sleep, stimulate appetite, body awareness, decrease postpartum depression, latch challenges, help relieve constipation, gas & colic, increase parental bonding, and increase overall bonding and attachment with caregivers. A new technique is introduced each week, along with weekly emails including support. Infant massage classes are also for grandparents, foster parents and adoptive parents, as well! This is a 3 day series. Class is appropriate for babies 3 weeks old up to pre-crawling.

Where can I find class details and registration information?

Class takes place Virtually. The 3 day series is only $20 (was $120) for the family and infant. Dates and pricing for the next Infant Massage and TummyTime!™ Method classes and direct link to register can be found here

Classes provide connection, community, and an evidence informed method training to address the unique needs of newborns to pre-crawling babies. This class will be combined with infant massage taught by Jessie Bernstein.



My biggest fear before the TummyTime!™ Method class was my baby wouldn’t tolerate tummy time. It did not come true.  Austin gave us several tools to make it work for both of us!  My favorite part of the class was having little nuggets of info woven in seamlessly and effortlessly throughout the class.  Austin has a demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. Her voice is so calm and soothing and her knowledge base is so wide. I feel so grateful to have worked with and learned from her through the TummyTime!™ Method class, and a baby wearing consultation. - Dorene Creaney

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