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I Nourish families by collaborating and listening to their needs.

I Align families with a personalized care plan.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Virtual classes provide connection, community, and an evidence informed method training to address the unique needs of newborns to pre-crawling babies.



My biggest fear before the TummyTime!™ Method class was my baby wouldn’t tolerate tummy time. It did not come true.  Austin gave us several tools to make it work for both of us!  My favorite part of the class was having little nuggets of info woven in seamlessly and effortlessly throughout the class.  Austin has a demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. Her voice is so calm and soothing and her knowledge base is so wide. I feel so grateful to have worked with and learned from her through the TummyTime!™ Method class, and a baby wearing consultation. - Dorene Creaney

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